oc tanner grand opening

big thanks to oc tanner for having me out to shoot the amazing opening of their new store in salt lake city. oc tanner is an utah original and has stood out as utah’s finest jewelery retailer for as long as I can remember.

I was super excited to shoot the grand opening of this new store because it was in the renovated hansen planetarium, which holds dear childhood memories for me. I never felt thinner than when I discovered how much I weighed on the moon…and who can forget all the blind dates to the laser shows. the building is different now, but beautiful.

I love shooting architecture and details…and there were some special guests that I was able to photograph and meet. truly once in a lifetime.

thank you to all the amazing people I worked with. It was an honor.


20 thoughts on “oc tanner grand opening

  1. that space is the bomb! look at that chandelier….AMAZING, & and shooting the prophet? just another day in the fabulous life of ms thurston! :)loving you nutz 🙂


  2. Oh you lucky lady! What a pleasure both to meet so many incredible people as well as shooting such an event. That is a BEAUTIFUL building. Nice work.


  3. Umm, that was pretty fantastic. I thought it was a regular grand opening with uncommonly great photos, then all of the sudden the prophet and apostles appear?! So awesome.PS-I'm sad the planetarium stuff is gone. I went on some great laser light show dates there during college. Pink Floyd and U2 were the best!


  4. WHAT!?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Ok – So I have been stalking your work forever now. My cousin Whitney Odom told me about you. There, so now I'm not a stalker anymore. This shoot was AWESOME. Quite a shock seeing the Prophet at the end of the post. I mean does it get any better than that?!! Ha Ha. Totally made my day. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Rach… your work is AMAZING!!!! You made a jewelry store look like Cinderella's castle! Why was I not on this guest list… next time can I be your special helper… I am awesome at carrying batteries, applying emergency chapstick, and posing cheek to cheek with Priesthood authorities. What an amazing event and unbelievable experience. Beautiful!!! XOXO


  6. what the smokey??? you're like practically a celebrity!!!:) and so nonchalant about it…. were you totally peeing your pants? very pretty pics, love the necklaces on display.


  7. Rachel, I can't thank you enough for these pictures! They have been sent all over. You are very talented. I know it would take an act of God, but I would love to work with you again anytime.


  8. thanks everyone! It was a great two days of shooting.dear "we go 2010", I'm not sure who you are but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't need an act of God to shoot for oc tanner again….probably just the act of telling me when and where!


  9. rachel. these pictures are gorgeous. so fresh. so clean. so inspiring.if you love photographing architecture, you'll have to shoot some of andy's creations one day when he finishes grad school {for architecture} and creates these fabulous spaces for you to capture and portray.


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