the one and only

this may be a really weird thing to post about, but I was at office max late last night buying some last minute office necessities, and looked for my all time favorite pen. NOT TO BE FOUND. I’m sure I will be able to find them somewhere else, but it really got be thinking….what would my life be like without these?

It has to be medium point bic and NOT the clear ones, WHITE body (is it called a body?…I don’t really want to call it a shaft) and must be blue ink. black ink pens make me kind of sad, UNLESS it’s a black sharpie, which makes me happy.

I just really love them, and have for years.

oh, and I am also obsessed with canned air. I have four cans of it sitting on my desk at this very moment.

what office supplies can you not live without? I need to know what else to had to my list.


5 thoughts on “the one and only

  1. I have this weird thing about office supplies as well. They just make me happy. Happy to know that I can find what I need in my supply closet when I need it. Perhaps it stems from my dad's office in our home growing up. If I needed stamps, he had stamps. If I needed envelopes, paper clips, notepads, legal pads, WHATEVER. There they were. It was comfort to me. Now I need chocolate.I used to love the round Bics. Now I'm into Uni-Ball Vision Elite liquid rollerball pens…they are actually sold at Costco as well as office supply stores. They smear like crazy, so you have to let them dry before anything touches the ink, but they are SO EASY to use! No hard pressing.But, what I can't live without is envelope moistener with adhesive. The thought of licking envelopes sickens me…I've never liked the taste, but then my dad told me the story about the woman back East (aren't they always back East??) whose tongue was swollen and they couldn't determine what the cause was for some time. Her tongue kept swelling, and finally they discovered maggots had nested INSIDE HER TONGUE from licking contaminated envelopes.And for that image, you are welcome.


  2. The Foray Tungsten Carbide retractable ballpoint pen (writes really smoothly and has become my favorite, but for some reason they are disappearing constantly!), Pilot P-700 pens in every color, and mini canary yellow writing pads (I have 3 of them floating around for jotting down random notes).


  3. I just ran out of ink in my purple glitter GelWriter and I am sad. It makes me happy. When you write a check and give it to someone, they smile. It's not everyday a bill gets paid with glitter on it. It is the best gel pen ever, it doesn't skip like most


  4. i've been meaning to come back to this post to comment for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES. because i just LOVE it. it sounds way too familiar. except that MY favorite pens are the Pilot Precise fine point pens. the juicy ones. the ones that flow when my mind flows, and i don't have to trip over the dryness. the ones that make me feel like what i'm writing is worth it and just as juicy as the ink. i love the way they move across a blank page… so passionate and alive and fluid and fun. mmmm. it's just so… so perfect!!!!!my mom and sisters and me–we're always fighting over our pens. protecting our pens. when we're together, it's like, wait is that one mine? or: don't take my pen! haa. as if we don't each have a million, hoarded in our purses and spiral journals and so on : ) as for your pens, i like them, sure, for certain occasions. like annotating in my scriptures. or writing checks. but to be honest, they make my handwriting change!!!! it's the WEIRDEST thing. and i can't help it. there's nothing i can do. and i promise it's true. the words don't flow. they stutter.howEVer, i do like the white body {yeah, "body" works : ) }… and i TOTALLY know what you're talking about, for some reason–the sad black ink, the sharpie, the happiness : ) how well i know!!and like noey said… post-it notes. and those little clippie things. they're good for so many things. these: also love magnets. and spiral books/journals/notepads with teeny tiny lines. and white out.hmm. i think i love office max!!


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