old school

this summer on one of many trips out to utah, we stopped by provo to visit some old haunts. number one provo haunt on my list is always wasatch elementary school. this is where my public school education started (imagine me as a 5yr old).
this is the front lawn where we would hold on to the edge of parachute and watch in 80’s splendor at the colored fabric being tossed to and fro. I think I might have been wearing parachute pants as I did this.
I kind of miss the old playground set…all steal and bars. this place was rampant with 1st grade kissing tag (why did the boy with warts always chase me?! why?!).
somewhere on this batch of cement I decided my imaginary play name would be “crystal”.
this is the hallway and doorway I entered for my 1st day of kindergarten.
this is the door I slammed my finger in during a third grade classroom break in. long story. still have a cuticle in the shape of a triangle to prove it.
best school in the WHOLE land.
I think his name was principal allred…far right.
husband in front of wife’s elementary school.
all growned up
this was my family’s first house when we moved from fairbanks alaska to provo. It was awesome. indoor pool and racquetball court. views of the provo valley. kate and scott were born when we lived there. we also bought our first nintendo while we lived there. mario brothers, ghosts and goblins and duck hunt.
this is the neighbors house where I would jump on the tramp. my nine yr old self ran over there all dramatic and jumped for what seemed like forever when I found out we were moving sandy. tears were streaming down my face.
my friend annie and I planned to runaway one summers night….another long story. I didn’t show but she went through with the plan. we had to have a neighborhood search to find her. she was curled in a blanket in this field behind my house and had pee’d her pants. I felt so bad I bought her a box of twinkies the next day.
sometimes there are random deer in my parents backyard in sandy.

thanks for joining me in a trip down memory lane. happy wednesday!


5 thoughts on “old school

  1. Nice little gallery of Provo, you're making me miss it. Just a little. Where was your house? I'm guessing in Oak Hills somewhere? I'm a Quail Valley man myself. Ahh, Happy Valley.


  2. i remember wearing a lot of koolats. or is it coolats? you know the shorts that look like a skirt and are wholly unflattering. heinous all around.so that little story about annie was so sad! poor thing. that was very kind to go buy her a box of twinkies. twinkies… i think i've eaten one twinkie in my whole life. i was always jealous of the kids who had potato chips, white bread and twinkies in their lunches while i had pb&j on nutty grain bread and an apple. sad existence. ham&cheese was a delicacy. curse my health-conscious padres.


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