While in Portland we ate at this great restaurant, Besaws, in the Nob Hill neighborhood.

Basically it was lunch time, but we had to order breakfast. I could really eat breakfast items for every meal. I ordered a salmon scramble and Grant ordered some hamburger, cholesterol laden egg thing that was super good. Oh, I almost forgot! We ordered mac n’ cheese too….only a half order, but still…

We were very happy, especially since our server use to be a sailor. I like to think of him as a pirate though.

After belly’s full we took a walk around the neighborhood. Big trees, colored leaves, warm sunshine. Good job Portland.


4 thoughts on “Besaws

  1. was that the sailor with the serious 'stache? awesome. pirate, for the shots of you two lovelies. we don't see you enough on here : ) and amen!! to breakfast at any time of dayyyyy!!


  2. That's hilarious. I was looking at this post, thinking how great that restaurant looked, and come to find out it's in my neighborhood. Amazing. Also, the photographs you posted from our wedding were… well, I lack words. They were fantasticl. Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for everything (with a special thanks for the restaurant recommendation!).


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