I have been in Utah since Friday helping to send my sister off on a mission to Milan Italy.

It was a whirlwind weekend packed full of shopping, eating, talks in church, family time, a shower for my other sister who is getting married, engagement photos for getting married sister, late night movies, sleepovers….

…and then today we are driving our little Annbanan down to the MTC to drop her off.

Emotional? Yes. 18 months is a long time to not see or talk to each other! But, I can say with confidence she is ready and prepared and is going to be an amazing missionary spreading a message of love and happiness.

Plus, will she not be the hottest missionary? She might have to ugly it up so the Elders can concentrate.

Ann, I started missing you weeks ago. I love you more than ke’e beach, fresh squeezed OJ and papayas. Grant and I will be praying for you and sending you all of our positive energy. xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo.


4 thoughts on “Anna

  1. What a sad/happy moment for you. I wish her well, and cannot believe how grown up she is! Beautiful missionary portraits. She definitely needs to "ugly it up."


  2. hey rach!so, i have been bugging miss anna banana to show me her mission pictures, but as she was so busy, i understand. thanks for posting them! it was really good to see you and thanks for letting me be part of tuesday night. i know it was a special night for anna and i'm so grateful to have been part of it. xo


  3. My sister-in-law posted your blog giveaway on Facebook, so I clicked on it randomly. I already live in the Seattle area, but since I was on your blog I decided to figure out the kind of person you might kind of be. 🙂 I clicked on this page first and saw this post about your sister. Well….my sister went to the Milan, Italy Mission in December. She entered the MTC in September, but didn’t actually get to Italy due to an issue with her esophagus. I’m wondering if our sisters knew each other in the MTC or if they ever see each other now that they’re both over there. Small world…. 🙂


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