8 months

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 8 months since our wedding. 8 months sounds like a long time to me. I’ve never lived with a boy for 8 months, and I do have to say I’m kind of proud of myself for arriving at the 8 month mark. Lets be honest, I am proud of myself everyday being married. I’m proud of myself for trusting, risking and giving marriage a second chance. I’m proud to say I married Grant. I’m proud he is by my side during the proud and not so proud moments. Has 8 months been easy? When has anything worthwhile been “easy”….but worth it? Definitely. And relatively speaking VERY easy. We have a good life and for that I am grateful.

In honor of hitting the 8month mark tomorrow, here is a little photo timeline I made for our wedding guests to view. We didn’t mail out a photo with our invites, instead we directed them here for photo throw-up of the two of us.

I love you Grant. Thanks for being my husband 8 months strait.


7 thoughts on “8 months

  1. the photo documentation of all the love, all the cuteness… i can hardly stand it. i might even be in love. and the pic of grant with his surfboard and a sunset? so hot. like maybe you should be concerned for me…


  2. Oh how I covet and adore your talent!!! I wish I could have amazing photos to document our lives together as a married couple. Keep on sharing!


  3. Is it wrong or weird that I kinda want that photo-documentation of the two of you on MY wall? Probably both. Loved it anyway. Continue to love it. AMAZING. GORGEOUS. INSPIRING.


  4. jd- weird, but not wrong…and that's a great idea! I should print them all side by side as one large image to display. thank you!!


  5. i agree with jd. you see this timeline and you wish you could own it, or have some part in it, or in some way be justified in hanging them on your wall : ) i wish i could really dance, i wish i could have someone to play the cello for me all the time, and i wish i had your gift for capturing and liberating memories. so awesome.


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