This is my niece. She was my first niece. My first obsession. My first photographic muse. She just turned 8 and we had a photoshoot to celebrate….

While editing through her 8yr old photoshoot, it started me thinking…I have been taking photos of her for 8 years! For 8 years! I don’t know why that seems like the longest time range, but it does. I think I had my first paying photography job 12 years ago, and I am pretty confident Faith is one of my oldest clients. For some reason she keeps coming back…or….I keep obsessing.

I love her more than everything and anything. She and my other nieces and nephews are what make me nervous to start trying to have my own babies. How could I love others more? How could they be as beautiful…as enchanting? I keep asking and I grow timid at the thoughts of my own attempts to create such beauty. They are masterpieces…and I am just blessed enough to capture a little of their spirit through my camera.

Enjoy a photographic journey of Faith over the last 8years…

Your aunt loves you Faithers. More than sunsets, whipped cream, BACON and the twinkly stars in the heavens.


17 thoughts on “Faith

  1. oh rachel. i can hardly breathe… she is so… beautiful and breathtaking! and so is your photography. i am jealous that you are these people's sister and not mine.


  2. She is so beautiful. I absolutely love that last picture of her on the swing (before your text). She just looks so happy. What I wouldn't give for you to capture my kiddos on film. I would love that. Someday? I so relate to your "auntie" feelings. I never thought I'd love my own kids the way I loved my nieces and nephews. But trust me, it's possible. Inevitable.And, just for the record, yours will be so gorgeous it will give the rest of us normal looking parents a complex!Next time you talk to your brother, tell him hi from Matt.


  3. shut it down! i cannot take all these photos! you do have the most perfect beautiful nieces….who love you endlessly. please take photos of nuggie for the next 8 years okay?


  4. Rachel, these photos are beautiful. Your niece is adorable and has such lovely eyes. You are just so talented and capture moments so well.


  5. Faith looks beautiful..thanks Rach. I love the images because they will help me never forget that amazing hour of watching Faith, laughing with her, seeing the sweet way you teach her, and listening to all of her ideas. They never end!! I love it!! Thank you…tears are welling up as I think how fast the last eight years have flown by and how she becomes more lovely every day.


  6. Rachel I was just checking out my Rachel's blog and saw yours. Truly incredible and I don't mean the blog (although it is) and the pictures (although they are) I mean the wonderful, thoughtful woman that you have grown into. I know that I am not your mom but I am so proud of you. Watching you grow professionally and personally through the years and seeing that creativity and insight displayed on your blog brings tears to my eyes. xoxo


  7. Good thing we share the same niece. Oh little Faithers. How we love her so. I love this little girl and this post as well. I can't believe she is 8. She just screams coolness. I hope I can be as cool as her someday!


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