Farmer’s Market- Downtown Culver City

veggies, fruit and flowers.

6 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market- Downtown Culver City

  1. Rachel, these are great! I have a question for you: I know you went to the Film is Not Dead workshop–did you use a lot of film afterward, and do you still shoot film? Or did you stick to digital? I just went to the workshop, and I'm curious to know if you implemented more film into your workflow. I'd love to shoot more film, but it's so dang expensive… ha. Anyway, thanks!


  2. there's nothing like rows of color and crates of fresh, wet veggies and fruits. of the earth. makes you want to take a juicy bite out of an apple or bury your hands in the soil. thank you for capturing so many beautiful pieces of life!!!


  3. Ash,I started shooting with film 12yrs ago before digital was really an option! I still shoot with film on occasion for personal work, but 99% I shoot digital. I am use to the work flow and it works for me professionally. You have to find what works for you. Trying both formats could help.Jon's great. Hope you had fun at the workshop.


  4. Jon is great! I started with film, too, but I've found digital, for me, is a little more convenient. The workshop made me think more about implementing film, but I'm still deciding which direction (if any) I should take. Thanks for your input!


  5. Congratulations! You just made me miss summer. Thanks a lot cool, dark, early nightfall! I miss eating heirlooms, with salt, pepper, and vinegar with you on the hammock. I miss bread too–but not that bad.


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