Fan Club

I made this wee little book for my sister to take with her on her mission.

It is 5x5in (the perfect size to fit.. anywhere really. I wanted her to be able to keep it close). It has photos of all of the fan club members and words of encouragement.

Really I think the best part is the corner stripes on the front and back covers (Italian flag colors), which were Grant’s idea. It pays to have a creative brainstormer in the next room.


11 thoughts on “Fan Club

  1. It was made with the book binding company, Asuka Books. You have to have a profess photography business to get an account with them.Thanks for liking!!


  2. wow. this is such a fantastic idea. i am so in love with you know how long anna will be in the MTC??i still need to write her a big fat letter full of thurston girls are amazing.


  3. Rach, I never got to see this there anyway to view the entire book like the one you made mom and dad on their mission? email me if there is. i love you. thanks again for last weekend!!


  4. Rach, I would totally like my photo in YOUR fan club book. This is a great idea. I am having lentil soup for lunch today, and am thinking of you.


  5. oh i adore mini things. what a perfect size. perfect idea. perfect for the mission. and so beautiful!! and i DO love the corner stripes… more perfection.


  6. That is such a brilliant idea and something I'm certain that your sister will cherish and keep close by while on the mission. So fun!


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