Giveaway madness! I had no idea when I posted about the Seattle gift, the response it would have.

Seattle is amazing, why would I question that everyone would think the same? Also since I have never tried to give anything away on the blog before I just didn’t know what to expect….I have been overwhelmed with the support. The bribe worked!! My business is ALL word of mouth. I guess the only “advertising” I have besides word of mouth is this blog. That being said, you, reading this, are the reason I am successful at all. I know that. This has just reminded me.

I have been in part agony reading all of your comments because you are all so deserving! I suggested to Grant that we sell the cars and all the clothes and the trampoline and just send hundreds of people to Seattle. You have no idea how bad I wish I had the resources to actually make that happen. Luckily I won’t make the desicion, a random number picker thingy can do the hard stuff. But to all you babymooners, honeymooners, lovers of great fish and tall trees, friends and first timers, people who just want/need a vacation, those who want to win so they can give it to SOMEONE ELSE…someone else who they miss, love and want to treat…to all of you, I hear you and love you for giving me so many heartfelt reasons for wanting to jet to the Northwest. Thank you for making my weekend a truly great one….and I hope to return the favor on Wednesday for one lovely person.

Enough talk! More action!

When I was in Las Vegas last week I took a visit to the Neon Graveyard. If you like COLOR, broken down everything, typography, design and the history of it all, I highly recommend going. This would make and excellent location for a commercial shoot. Anthropologie magazine maybe? Anthro, I’m not busy if you’re not…

(wouldn’t these make great screen savers?)


11 thoughts on “Neon

  1. I had no idea such a place existed! If I still lived in driving distance, I would be there on my next 3-day weekend. Guess I’ll have to save it for my next trip West.


  2. Love your site. Great Seattle promotion – that is how I found you. (via If I were independently wealthy, I’d want to take you everywhere I go! Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. Do you etsy or sell any of these as smaller prints?


  3. I would go mad at the Neon Graveyard, trying to figure out how to get those giant pieces shipped to France and to fit in my apartment! What a paradise for typography lovers! Thanks for these great shots.


  4. Whenever I shoot at the Boneyard I never have to time to take these kinds of pictures. I’m too busy trying to fit in as many photos I can of my clients. Great shots. And congrats on the new site and blog! It looks great! I’m a big fan of your work (and a total blog stalker). ๐Ÿ™‚


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