Kate + Jake

Happy marriage to my sister Kate and my dashing new brother, Jake.

I am in love with them.

I am in love her laugh.

Editing through these images, I was so happy for them it was hard for tears not to well up every time I saw her huge open mouth.

See that really tall dad in the family photo? That tall Dad was missing at my wedding. See our other sister? Nope you don’t. She was missing at this one. Can’t we go back about 15yrs to when we were all living together and avoiding dishes under the counter? Please?

(Remember tonight at midnight is the cut off to enter the Seattle giveaway. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning. I’m secretly hoping everyone wins.)


11 thoughts on “Kate + Jake

  1. Dearest Rachel: You take the most wonderful pictures! What a great talent you have been blessed with. You always make the men in our family look better than we really are. As for the women in my life, Mom (my wife and eternal companion), my daughters, and my granddaughters, in the words of a favorite song, “You are so beautiful to me.” I am proud of you and I love you very much: Dad


  2. Wow! You can feel the love these two have for each other in these pictures!! They look so incredibly happy! What a beautiful family 🙂


  3. WOW! Thank you for posting these. The anticipation has been killing me! These are beautiful pictures! (partly because of the many beautiful people in them)


  4. i HAVE to know where you got that incredibly gorgeous blue sweater you were wearing…i’m seriously in love with it!!! These pictures were great and i’m just looking forward to if and when i get married so i can have you come back to salt lake for a lil’ bit! but my wardrobe could definitely use that sweater…


  5. The photos turned out beautiful…of course! I love the way you have the ability to capture emotion. I can feel love, laughter, and true joy through these shots. Thanks for sharing, you captured the moments with perfection.


  6. oh their happiness is contagious!! you can feel yourself absorbing their wedding day just by scrolling through the pictures. you are so talented, i swear.

    i’m so happy for them!! and i don’t even know them!!!


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