Happy birthday to my handsome man. You don’t look a day over 18 and apparently have the worlds healthiest heart.

Here’s to a year of not waiting, taking risks and ordering lots of desserts so I can have bites.

What would my world be like without you? Crummy. With you is so much better. Can’t wait for our weekend road trip. As part of your gift I promise not to get car sick (or at least act like I’m not).


7 thoughts on “32

  1. oh, there couldn’t be a more awesome photograph of a well-loved guy. those two straws are indicative of his generosity.

    thanks lots for the shout out earlier this week! it was so much fun hiding your boxes.


  2. Does this picture mean our “road trip” is another trip to hanalei for some sun, shave ice, and papayas?
    Thank you for the birthday well wishes everyone.


  3. I’m just here to second Shayna’s comment. You guys are too freakin’ hot and always look like you’re in ads. Especially with shaved ice.


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