Fresh Wedding Ideas

A list of wedding ideas someone should do and then hire me to shoot:

1. Get married on an airplane
Imagine all of your friends and family flying to an exotic location to celebrate the marriage that took place while flying with your “head in the clouds”…or “floating on air”…a walk down the aisle, bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in the likeness of 1960’s flight attendants….AND completely unique & amazing photographs. Think about it.

2. Wear something huge on your head
A hat perhaps. A HUGE flower. A big collection of fabric and lace and twine and netting piled high. I have the need to shoot head décor.

3. A casually dressed wedding
…and by casual I mean jeans & tee shirts. Why do you have to wear a wedding dress and a tux? You don’t. Wear something more you…but maybe not a bathrobe. Maybe get married sitting in the back of a open bed truck driving somewhere fast.

4. A traditional Luau
complete w/ an underground pig roasting…and lau lau and poi and lomi lomi AND a ukulele.

5. Elope
And have me there to document so your family and friends aren’t that mad. The two of you, an officiator and me. I’m thinking a huge field under a big beautiful tree. Somewhere vast and open. So romantic. Make it all about the commitment between the two of you and no one else. Maybe pack a picnic dinner to eat after…complete with all of your favorite cheeses and fruits. Dream.

6. Poolside Wedding
Everyone in swimming suits (OK fine you can wear a cover up). Bride and Groom get married and then everyone goes for a swim. Big sunglasses, flarey light, laying on your lawn chair being served daiquiris and bite sized eats. Great music. Great party, don’t you think?

7. Get married on the subway in NYC during rush hour!!
Body to body vows. Think about the amazing variety of people that would witness. I love the feeling of strangers all in it together. Start your marriage with the world cheering you on.

8. Get married in the first place you met.
Go back and commemorate fate (or destiny, or timing or any other blessed force) that brought the two of you into each others lives.

9. Get married under the cherry blossoms in Japan.
Preferably during the first two weeks in April. Breathtaking.

10. Celebrate in a way that means something to you.
Don’t be afraid to be different. Make it match the meaning behind the act.


6 thoughts on “Fresh Wedding Ideas

  1. I love that idea of getting married on an airplane!! That would be amazing! … maybe not so much if it took place in coach 😛 Oh if only money grew on trees!


  2. I had this fantasy when we got married that we’d ditch the whole reception-y deal and instead organize a street fair in our neighborhood, open to everyone, with lots and lots of food carts and stands and a couple of really charming, bad local bands. Maybe a high school choir. I still think that’s a great idea.


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