The Calendar Winner is…

…Rachel Allison!

She wants one, she gets one.

This lady also has a love of the photographic image. Check out her photography site, here.

Rachel shoot me an email ( and let me know where to send this list making mama and I will mail it out pronto.

There were a few of you, win or not, who expressed interest in possibly buying a calendar….I am up for ordering a bunch, but need to know how many are really interested. Email me or leave a comment if you want to know more. I’m guessing the cost will be around $30. Not the cheapest calendar out there but worth it!

Thanks to everyone who loved the list making madness as much as me. Why in the world I have to create my own calendar with months and weeks and NOTE SPACE, is beyond me. This is what people need!

Giveaways warm my soul. I already have an idea for the next one….


6 thoughts on “The Calendar Winner is…

  1. Rach I want one as well. Do you know how long it will take to get one? I am filling up my cell phone with my apts. and would love to start seeing my weeks in advance!! 😉 Let me know if you think it will take awhile and i will go get a secondary one for now! love you lots!


  2. List making ladies,

    Since only 3 of you are ordering the price per calendar is $50. Expensive I know. If you still want one great, if not…no big deal.

    I am hoping to find a new CHEAPER place to bring these next year.

    Let me know.



  3. i put a comment on your sf postcard and you are going to be more than sick of me by the time this is over, but i am in crisis mode…i just left my SIXTH office supply store and can’t fine the calendar i need…so how do i get you the 50 dollars and therefore get 1 calendar? Let me know


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