Sticky Rice

For 14 years my Thurston Grandparents lived in La Jolla California. I loved as a young girl flying to stay with them, playing on the beach, shopping at the NEX and watching Elvis movies.

One of my favorite memories was my Grandma making sticky rice for us to take on our flight home. She would soak the rice and pull out her sticky rice basket and the finished product would be wrapped in tinfoil for us to nibble on while traveling.

I have wanted to buy myself the setup for awhile now and every time I ate mango with sweet sticky rice was reminded of that fact.

As one of Grant’s birthday presents, I bought “him” the magic maker:

I bought the kit from Import Foods…complete with a cheesecloth and a bag of Thai sweet rice.

Here is the recipe I pulled from the site:

Method: Rinse rice 2-3 times, until water runs clear.Place rinsed rice in a bowl and fill with cool water so the water is approximately 2-3 inches above the rice (see Step 1). Let the rice stand in water for 6-8 hours. Drain the rice, place it in a cheesecloth, wrap it up and put the cheesecloth inside bamboo steamer. Put 6-8 cups of water in sticky rice steamer. Then place bamboo steamer inside sticky rice steamer (see step 2). Be sure the bottom of the bamboo steamer does not touch the boiling water. Place a standard 8 inch lid loosely over the top of the bamboo steamer (see Step 3). Now turn on the heat (Med/High) and steam the rice for 45 minutes (or until tender). Enjoy!

It works and it’s delicious. I might just have to plan a mango and sticky rice night and invite everyone over.


5 thoughts on “Sticky Rice

  1. Rach! So I thought it was our family joy to eat sticky rice with Gram and found out Jakes family eats it too! They have a yummy recipe you need. Tag. Call me. xo


  2. we are twin souls, I just made sticky rice and mango on tuesday night!! Except I do it the ghetto way– 8-qt. stockpot with a large mesh colander (that happens to fit exactly inside), kitchen towel on top under the lid. Your device is sooo much cooler, and I LOVE the look!

    and I LOVE s.r. with m.– when I was in Thailand, I was down south where it’s not common, so when I found it in the airport on the way home I about ate myself sick.

    I shall be awaiting my invite.


  3. Haha! I love that you bought ‘Grant’ the sticky rice maker!
    It often just-so-happens that I benefit from Dave’s presents too….!!!


  4. Hey wait a minute, I have the exact same “magic” rice maker. I knew we were sisters. Drop by sometime, and I’ll make you some coconut mango sticky rice.


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