One Year

(photo credit Jon)

We’ve been married for 365 days and I still get excited when I see your shoes laying around the house. I love the little domestic reminders that you’re mine.

I still am trying to wrap my head around how much you love me…”Why? Why me?”.

I am still trying to wrap my heart around the idea that I never have to lose you, or say goodbye, or try and get “over you”.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to be exactly what you need me to be….but I have a few years to perfect that, right?

The one thing that makes perfect sense to me is being with you.

One down, lots more to go. Buckle your seat belt baby. Practice year is over…time to play full out.



8 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures were so beautiful. Wish we could have seen you in real life on that day! (We actually were sitting outside with all of our kids while Scott and Michelle went in. We happened to be staying with them that weekend! We heard the tacos were really good.) Have fun in San Francisco.

    P.S. Did you ever end up making the big meal? Which dessert did you go with? I just made that chocolate cake last week for a party and it was so good…


  2. Thanks Loves!

    Grapefruit- waiting for site 2 to launch before we feast! I’ve already started buying ingredients. Hard to find small quantities of lavender….


  3. this is my favorite post EVER!!
    makes me want to print it out like a hallmark card, stamp “rachelthurston” on the back, and give it to andy as a belated vday card ; )
    seriously i adore this.
    i adore you two.
    happy anniversary, birdies : )


  4. so now when you say “practice year is over”, does that mean we can start thinking thurston babies? because when people would ask us when we were going to start having kids, my husband would say, “kids? no, we’re just practicing.” 😉 (and i’m just kidding, don’t answer that. i hated when people would ask that or when they’d ask when our next one was coming. like i’m some sort of baby factory.)

    happy anniversary! even i can’t believe it’s been a year! you are the cutest!!


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