Hope Springs In Color

Strait out of camera. Hasselblad, 80mm and fuji pro800z.

We’re thinking about renting out this 10 room motel for one of our birthday parties next year. How rad would that be?


8 thoughts on “Hope Springs In Color

  1. ps. thanks for the inspiration. i’m going to pull my hassleblad out this week and shoot a few rolls. i’ll have to try the pro800z. any recommendations in the la area for processing? do you just get the film scanned to cd?


  2. Julia- I use Richards Photo Lab for almost of my CA film needs. http://richardsphotolab.com/ They are awesome and are pro at proper color correction during film processing. That’s where I processed these. I have also on occasion used Samy’s Camera for color stuff and A&I for BW and color, http://aandi.com/. Yes, I have them process and scan and sometimes for fun I print a contact sheet.

    Shayna- I would hope! I read Grant your comment and he said he wanted to go visit you guys in the fall. I think he is trying to use you for leaves.

    Emily- I told. He liked.

    Julie- No, I am not shooting only film. I do shoot film a lot for personal stuff but digital is still a great medium for me with clients.


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