Brittany + Paul, Baldwin Hills Engagements

There are times when you thank a city for pollution…like when it gives your photo shoot a nice orange haze.

Brittany and Paul, thanks for putting up with the torture and for spending some time with us in the tub…errr..I mean….YOU know what I mean.

I had such a great time shooting these. You are a styling couple and my envy has been boiling up over your upcoming move to Denmark. I want to go to there!

Thanks for choosing me to be a part of this amazing occasion.

(Check out Brittany’s blog, She has major skills.)


7 thoughts on “Brittany + Paul, Baldwin Hills Engagements

  1. love the colors in her outfit against the backdrop. the 2nd and 12th? shots are my fav, even though it doesn’t show their faces. (no offense to their pretty faces)


  2. They look so good together. The B/W is total perfection, as if if they’ve always known each other and have been a couple for some time. Classic, harmonious and timeless perfection, this is good. I like to see those two together.

    The use of primary colors, especially in the first color photo is refreshing and serves the composition well.


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