Solvang, CA


10 thoughts on “Solvang, CA

  1. Great pictures, Andrew’s part Swedish…I will show him these! I bet he will like them! Have fun on the rest of your trip!


  2. I LOVE Solvang! We always went there growing up (I grew up in CA) and it was one of my favorite places to go. Your pictures really capture it so well. Makes me want to go back.

    Hope you are enjoying Paris. I’m so jealous…


  3. Okay, just left a comment but it doesn’t look like it worked. I’ll try again! I grew up going to Solvang in the summers and I always loved that place. I never hear much about it, or know anyone who goes there, so I was excited to see your post. It brought back some great memories and you captured it so well (as always.)

    I hope you have an ableskiver pan? They are a staple around here. I just saw a whole book at Williams Sonoma dedicated to just ableskivers: stuffed ones, sweet ones, savory ones…they all looked incredible.

    Anyway, great post. Hope you are enjoying Europe. You know I’m insanely jealous…


  4. THANK YOU, rachel!!!
    you seriously take us with you when you post these gorgeous travel pix…
    {and i don’t think you realize how much i struggle with keeping “travel-the-world” from taking priority spot number 1 in my life.}
    anyways… so THANK YOU for taking me round with you when i can’t go everywhere myself.
    just yet.



  5. LOVE this post. You know details are my kind of thing. Hope you’re having fun. I’m so glad you guys are living in the moment and enjoying life! You deserve it. xoxo


  6. i think we’ve been here when we were out there for my cousin’s wedding four years ago. so cute. one of these restaurants served up the best blueberry pancakes i have ever had. mmmm. my mouth is watering. love/adore/amenchantedby/pinefor your pictures, as always. how many ways can i really say this? urmf.


  7. Mmmm, aebelskivers! These are a breakfast staple in my family, courtesy of the Danish ancestors. Thanks to you, Solvang has now been added to my list of Places To Visit.


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