Natalie + Andrew

Some weddings are just really great. This was one of those.

Great details, great locations, great weather, great families, great food, great couple. It makes it hard not to have a good time on the job.

Married in the Newport Beach Temple, luncheon at Cannon’s in Dana Point, Beach time at Dana Cove and their reception at the Natalie’s parents home in Laguna Niguel.

One of my favorite parts of any wedding is being a part of the chaos. Chaos and problem solving bond people and wedding days are full of both. I left Natalie and Andrew’s wedding and felt like a cousin of the bride.. or at the very least a next-door neighbor. I loved these families!!!

I have found myself part of a small OC community comprised of some fantastic clients. I just want to thank the Blackwelders, Hamiltons, Bournes and now the Kochs. It’s like a family reunion at every wedding. It’s that magic “word of mouth” that makes my world go round, and I wanted to thank all of you for supporting me and my business.

Happy first month of marriage Andrew and Natalie! Thank you for letting me be a part of the wedding festivities. xo.

ps. I made a cameo in one of the photos…can anyone find me?

(**Thank you to everyone that voted on my new blog image size!! It meant a lot and really helped me narrow down my options. 800px is the new me.)


16 thoughts on “Natalie + Andrew

  1. you are driving the red car down the canyon road? you gave a challenge and i failed, couldn’t find you. beautiful shots.


  2. I love how you captured the vibrant colors, particularly in the pictures of the birdcages, nest and bouquets. And that candid shot of the groom with his groomsmen brought such a smile to my face!


  3. I’m so glad you all like this wedding as much as I did…BUT you’ve all failed miserably at finding me. HINT: I shot every frame so it has to be an image where I could shoot and be seen at the same time. xo.


  4. When I was in college and used to dream up my perfect wedding, this was basically the dress that I dreamt up. So cute!!! Great dress, great colors, great photos! Congrats to the couple!


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