See Everything

Deciding where to camp, or vacation, is hard…because I want to be like this map and go everywhere!

Hope everyone enjoyed their extra long weekend. We did find a campsite…and since we decided to car camp, brought along our new “camp beds“. Best purchase EVER.

(photo via the bean and the bear)


3 thoughts on “See Everything

  1. Your site is great! Love digging around….

    Great picture and I couldn’t agree with you more on wanting to travel everywhere so this pic is perfect =)



  2. this is what my world map looks like in my head.
    i can hardly find where my next #1 spot to go is–it’s lost in my travel-hungry overwhelm!!


  3. Ditto to this whole post!
    I’ve only started “gearing up” this past year or so – the boyfriend is a huge outdoorsy guy and I’ve always loved the outdoors, I’ve just never know anyone who camped and such! The biggest things I’m missing now are a good sleeping bag and I sleeping pad like that! I can occasionally steal the misters, but usually I’m stuck on the ground.


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