Benders + Bathtub

After yesterday’s post I wanted to show off my bathtub a little more.

Obviously I won’t be giving it up. It’s just too awesome.

I have some pretty major Bender Family love.  Thanks for taking a “photo bath” with me.

Check out Julia’s blog if you want to stare at Ro-Ro a little more.


9 thoughts on “Benders + Bathtub

  1. these are perfect and the bathroom lighting is truely amazing. ro looks so serious in the first bunch! haha. you are so talented and we will cherish these as jan heads off to officer school. (ps my mom will go crazy and put these all over her house)


  2. At some point I’ll have to put my foot down and seriously limit all the traffic and attention in our bathtub. But, I will say, anyone is invited to come over and scrub our tub, anytime.


  3. julia, I am so glad you are happy..and ro does look serious! Serious but sexy at the same time.

    Laura, YES! I am shooting a wedding in Dallas on Sept 18th. When are you due? Would love to see you and meet the babe! email me.

    Shari, Thank you! Thank you!

    Melanie, our bathtub is open to all. It doesn’t discriminate and lights all equally.

    Grant, you clean it. xo.


  4. Love those photos…want prints of them all! Can I get in the bathtub too for some photos with Ronin…where ever that tub is!?!
    Love each one and great memories for Jan to carry with him, if he can get some prints before leaving! Mahalo for sharing…Love, MD Abelmann


  5. I cannot stop staring at that first photo. I have no idea who this family is (you’re all so cute! lucky!) but I am in love with this baby. I sent that photo to Anna their first day home from the honeymoon and said, “I want one of these. Just sayin’.” 🙂 I have shown that photo to many – great work, great lighting, but mostly ADORABLE SHOT!! Love it love it love it.


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