Brooke + Luke, San Diego Wedding

A short list of rad things that happened at this wedding:

hard hats


beautiful children




“short people” daugther/father dance

belly garter slide


ice cream

giant groom

mini bride

..and that amazing gorgeous gigantic yard!

What an amazing day.

So much positive energy and so many beautiful people.

Thank you for having me out. xo.


7 thoughts on “Brooke + Luke, San Diego Wedding

  1. Yep, I spotted Grant. Looks like he gets to prance around and taste the food at weddings along with you. Sounds pretty dreamy.


  2. Very nice Rachel, i like it a lot. One question only. Do you use some reflector? Because as i can notice you dont use any flash.. or i am wrong.


  3. Thanks everyone! I loved the hard hats too. Such a great way to make the most of weird situation.

    Igor, Sometimes I do use a reflector and rarely a flash but after looking through the images I posted I don’t think I used either. On wedding days it tends to be ALL natural light. There is usually so little time, I just look for light that will work without the help of reflectors and flashes.


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