Can we please start looking at my Europe photos already?!

Lets take a little break from weddinglandia and take a look at some of the instant film I shot in April.

Film is Fuji FP-3000B, shot on my 330 polaroid land camera.

Bruges was one of our favorite cites. Better than Brussels…just saying…


9 thoughts on “Bruges

  1. These are awesome. They remind me of another sibling photographic failure trying to convince my brother, living in Belgium, that he should hire you to shoot his family while you were there. I am useless.


  2. Dave, You’re not useless, maybe you should work on threats.

    Celeste, SO charming. I could have stayed there for a week.

    Lori, The wait right now is about 4-6weeks from wedding date to completed images. So we are right on track. You might not need variety but my brain does!!! xxoo.


  3. Rachel – do you ever see your scenic photos? I am looking for beautiful pics on my news here in SF and I love these. Let me know… Would be interested.

    You’re amazing!



  4. How gorgeous. I can’t believe you can pull that off with that old camera. You guys should see this thing. It has bellows and the minute people see it they want to be your friend.


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