Tulips in Holland

We timed our travels perfectly to be able to see the Dutch countryside covered with flowers.
The smell was unreal. Miles and miles of the best smell ever.
We did make a very short visit to the Keukenhof, but found walking through the surrounding bulb fields much more appealing AND free.
The colors of those flower fields were a visual I will never forget.

(Photos taken on the 330 land camera w/ polaroid 690-100iso film)

PS. Happy 4th of July Weekend!!! We are jetting to San Fransisco for a newborn shoot (of a new baby girl named Holland!) and hope to be back in time to see some fireworks at Culver City High School. We love our small town in the middle of a big city.


4 thoughts on “Tulips in Holland

  1. It’s nice to see that they made the space between rows a perfect fit for Grant. This is absolutely stunning. I will put it on my list of things to do.


  2. these are awesome. you inspired me to buy a land camera (vs the new fuji instant) to get this same effect for a wedding this fall. i love how uneven the corners and colors are, so each image is a surprise.

    the 3rd photo from the top is gorgeous.


  3. Yea! Pictures of Holland. I love the vintage effect on those photographs. They have such a vacation feel to them. I will never get over the miles upon miles upon miles of fields of flowers and green houses there. It is breathtaking.


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