Two Hearts.

“We” become 3 in early February.

Can you believe I have a teeny tiny human inside my body?! I didn’t really believe it either until I heard this:

Feels so good to share the news. Now I can really talk about what’s on my mind…NOTHING SOUNDS GOOD TO EAT!

(sorry about the tipsy video…It’s really just for the sound anyway)


42 thoughts on “Two Hearts.

  1. Yay!! I’m sorry about the endless food war you have to fight, it’s always a battle….maybe plain pretzels? Rootbeer barrels? That was mine with one kid. Good luck, it’s one amazing trip! That is going to be one gorgeous baby.


  2. I wish I could give you a million hugs and a million doughnuts (I work at the best bakery in Utah- if you lived closer I would bring you them anytime you wanted them) I loved hearing the heartbeat!! I’m so excited and happy for yall!!!! ❤


  3. Rachel- ever since you photographed Robyn’s castle wedding i have followed your blog and i LOVE it, you are amazing. So many congrats!! i know you will pass on your creativity to your little one. Also i am getting ready to buy my first “big girl” camera and i have to say thank you for the inspiration!


  4. I know I talked to you already today, but I just saw your blog and heard the heartbeat and had to tell you I got a huge smile on my face. I am already in love.


  5. i. have. tears. how happy am i for you guys?!?!?!?!?!? this just made my day, my weekend, my week, maybe even my life?? motherhood is going to look so good on you. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. now we can talk out loud about it! cannot wait for little nugget to come here and marry olive or smith #2 we will be bound together forever! you will be the hottest prego out there! damn you!! xo


  7. Congratulations Rachel! What great news. Your dream (minus the part about me rolling down the hill with my kids…) turned out to be the real deal. So happy for you. You will be an incredible mother and I can’t wait to see all those amazing baby pics!


  8. Rachel!! That is so exciting! It’s one of the most amazing experiences. I wish you and your hubby all the best!! By the way, my daughter can’t get enough of your wedding video…she keeps saying..”more, more”. It’s really cute:)



  9. AAAAAAHHHH!! Oh my gosh!! Rachel!! Congratulations from the Mortys!! You are going to be the coolest-sweetest mom and Grant is going to be the most loving dad. What a great combo! Can’t wait to see the amazing pictures that are to come!!


  10. dear rachel and grant…a huge congratulations from downunder!!! i stumbled across your blog while researching wedding photographers earlier this year. you are my dream photographer! + you have an eye for capturing the LOVE in everything you do. go you. if i had the means, i would have flown you down here for my wedding in feb. i think you two would have liked our australian summer. anyway, i didn’t want to be creepy by writing on your blog but i couldn’t help myself – i just wanted to wish you all the best. my husband and i were blessed with our 1st child last month it is the most incredible feeling 🙂 best wishes, K.


  11. And so it begins…… this is the most fun you will ever have:)
    Enjoy. Every. Second.
    The days will be horribly long but the years will be terribly short.

    I know I don’t “know, know” you, but from what I do know I think you are going to be an amazing mom. So excited for you!!! ( and Grant)



  12. congrats Rach!!! i was wondering when you were going to jump the bandwagon b/c you’ll make such a great mom. here’s to hoping your appetite comes back soon…cheers!!!


  13. wow. we are all dying to see baby grant+rachel : )
    i love this little hummingbird of a heartbeat already.

    and you know what? i was just thinking about you yesterday.
    unfortunately it was in between vomits over the toilet.
    i thought, i really want rachel to capture some portion of this pregnancy for me. but i was torn bc i don’t know if i’ll be sick the whole 9 months like i was with B. so that doesn’t sound very photogenic. so i was teary not just for how awfully sick i feel, but teary thinking about not getting any good pictures… haha. isn’t that ridiculous?? the hormonal thoughts that go through your head…
    anyways. and then i read your blog and now i’m like, wait, we’re due at around the same time!! so i guess i won’t be able to have the photographer i want, BUT even better might be a little playmate for my baby numero dos : )

    here’s to a beautiful 9 months to the both of us : )



  14. A million congratulations to the both of you!! Just keep getting some rest during those shoots, and take a philly steak and cheese when you can get it–if it sounds good at the time. 🙂 You guys will be great parents, what a lucky baby!


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