Anna + Dave’s Wedding

I become friends with most of the couples I photograph. It just makes sense. You have unusual levels of bonding when you are working with people in stressful situations. As great as weddings are…it’s no surprise to anyone, they can be stressful.

Anna and Dave are a couple I want to hang out with, like, everyday.

I’ve known Dave and his family for years but Anna was a complete surprise. I met her the day I shot their engagements and after 2hrs of first meeting was telling her I loved her. I wanted to cook food, watch reality TV and lay on my bed and cry with her about boys and cellulite. I fell in love.

I guess Dave did too.

Dave sang the most beautiful Josh Radin song to her at the reception;

“I could have saved so much time for us
Had I seen the way to get to where I am today
You waited on me for so long
So now, listen to me say:

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you are naturally
The one to make it so easy
When you show me the truth
Yeah, I’d rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too
Say you feel the way I do”

It can be quite the journey finding the one you want to work at spending your life with. I feel like once you have you should be entitled to massages and poolside pina coladas for the rest of your life.

I found myself teary eyed trying to photograph that moment. I felt him. I felt her. I know those feelings. I’ve  lived through those feelings.

Thanks for having me out for such an inspiring and touching day. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the first wedding I had shot as a Mom!

Under that blanket of amazing wide open Utah sky..June 4th 2010 became unforgettable.



12 thoughts on “Anna + Dave’s Wedding

  1. Maybe a more sophisticated version of Clay Aiken 🙂

    Rachel, I really enjoy looking at your wedding photos. You are so good at catching those natural, special moments and you have a unique perspective and style that I just LOVE. And the stories you share on your blog are like the perfect dessert after a delicious meal.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and peek at it for inspiration before my wedding shoots!


  2. It looks like the clouds cooperated in a big way that day. I love how you take advantage of what you are given, I think a good photographer will do that. Next time you are in Utah I would love to hold your water bottle….or lens bag.


  3. How crazy! I totally know one of the people in a photo above…a friend from High School. I’ve been following your blog for 2 or 3 years now. I LOVE your work. These are as amazing as ever and once again you’ve captured so much emotion in your photos.


  4. I love, love the pictures. They are such a beautiful couple, it makes my heart ache. My grandchildren aren’t too shabby either!


  5. Dearest Rachel…this has taken me far too long to comment. Part of the delay is because I am so nearly speechless about these images that it’s hard to describe what you have made me feel. Additionally, I knew I wanted to take some time to reflect and gather my thoughts, and time has been my enemy lately. I don’t know if I will ever be able to adequately tell you what this entire post – words and all – has done to my heart. I tried to call you but we just simply could not connect 🙂 The word that keeps popping off my brain is…BRILLIANT. You have a gift. I know I will never understand all the technical talents that make you so very, very good, but when I look at what you do…magic. I am in awe that you can capture a moment without losing it – if that makes sense. Too many times moments like the dip in their dance are so quick that a photo seems impossible. But not only did you capture it, but you captured the perfect moment of it. Anna looks like a movie star! These images take my breath away. I could go image by image…they are all that good. You have given these kids the glorious gift of ART. So many images are wall worthy simply because of the canvas you created, but then when looked upon further, the viewer can say, “oh my goodness, there they are…” I LOVE the shot of them dwarfed by the mountains to the East. And the sky!! ART.

    And can I just also say, what an amazing gift it is to me to have the image of my five sons with only Mini’s face showing. You captured THIS moment in time perfectly. I laugh and laugh every time I look at it.

    Again…I could go image by image. Just know this…your work is so stunning I could cry. And I actually have 🙂

    Now – as for the beautiful words you wrote…what a nice gift for them as well. How sweet of you! I’ve loved them and read and re-read them. You are a beautiful writer Rachel. And all the other things that make you so wonderful and unique. I am honored that I knew you “when,” and I will always cherish those wonderful chats in the tents at Girls Camp.

    Well done Rachel. Well done.


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