Stay Connected

I am off camping for the rest of this week. This is my 3rd year helping to plan a church camp for teenage girls. It is a lot of work and the pay off is being at camp getting to enjoy the months of sweat and tears that go in to planning.

Our theme for camp is “Staying Connected”. Discounting from the the distractions of the everyday and re-connecting with the sources that bring us ultimate strength and focus.

One of my projects was designing these small custom puzzles for them to gather pieces to during a scavenger hunt. I ordered the puzzles from portrait puzzles and the tins from specialty bottles. The stickers I printed myself.

With carpel tunnel setting in to my right hand this theme and week break from the computer couldn’t come at a better time.

And so I say goodbye for a few days while I breath in some mountain air and give my poor hand a rest.

(Service may be spotty so unless it’s a photographic emergency, don’t expect a response until next Monday).




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