Any Day

I am so sure that I am halfway around the world and one of my tip-top girlfriends is due any day.

We tried to meditate on certain dates. She tried squatting, walking, running before I left but no deal.

I still have hope that the little guy is holding out for auntie rachel to be home before he arrives..BUT if his number is called and it’s his turn to slide down the shoot, then there are people all over the world anticipating his arrival. xxoo.


4 thoughts on “Any Day

  1. Such great shots. I remember when you did their wedding. So pretty.

    Ummm–maybe someday will we see some maternity shots of you???

    All the best! Lisa


  2. Stop it! Freakin miracle of life… always hits closer when you see it happening with people you know. Love you two… and love the ridiculousness out of you, my Rach.


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