Wedding Season 2010

So I am back from what feels like 3 solid months of traveling.

Dave & Mel’s wedding in Brisbane was shear brilliance. Photobooth photos above prove the level of fun we had. (How did we fit our 4 noggins in that tiny photobooth?!..and why am I hogging the whole frame?)

I’m home. Summer wedding season 2010 has reached it’s end and I can’t get any work done before I say a few things…

I feel so grateful.

I don’t say it enough.

I feel emotional thinking of the friendships with clients we made this year and years before. I feel overwhelmed at the gift I have been given of the all important task of documenting so many formative moments.

Sure I’m exhausted. Sure at times I feel burned out. No, being a photographer is not easy or glamorous. It’s hard work and takes a toll on you physically, emotionally and mentally. But as I spent this summer shooting weddings with a wee babe growing inside me, I felt immense gratitude at the opportunity I have to work for myself, CREATE and control to an extent the story of my life. I have changes rapidly approaching my life and lifestyle and I feel comfort in the fact that I have photography. I have a career I really really really love and care about. I have a career flexible enough to let me be a business woman, a wife and a mother. Sometimes I just don’t feel deserving.

So many blessings that I can only hope to give back.

Thank you to my beautiful clients for supporting me and my work…and for trusting me.

I really do love all of you to the moon and back.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Season 2010

  1. I just can’t wait for that wee little baby to be born so I can see all the pictures you come up with.
    I also can’t wait, like I have said many times before, for one of my kidlets to get married so I can have you photograph their day. Your pooch is starting to look like a pooch. nice. It will only get bigger from this point on.


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