Cole + Aunt Rach

I thought it would be a good idea to hold him up against baby bump. You know… so they can get to know each other before they are forced to either marry or be best friends.


4 thoughts on “Cole + Aunt Rach

  1. Rachel…Cole is a YUMMY boy…I can hardly wait to see you with your little one! Your blog is wonderful, and I so enjoy seeing your very lovely clients through your eyes…Life is good! LOVE, Babby


  2. So does this mean you are having a girl? 🙂 I am just reading into your post. 🙂 You are seriously the prettiest pregnant lady. We LOVE you too so we are so happy you are going to stay connected with us!


  3. So precious, awww. The old wives tale says if you’re pregnant and hold a baby boy and he doesn’t cry, you’re having a girl. If he does it’s a boy.


  4. Talaisa, we find out for sure tomorrow BUT cole doesn’t make a peep when I hold him…

    Babby, miss and love you!!!

    Alicia, please tell me how to be a mother just like you. xo.


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