Living A Creative Life

Chase Jarvis posted this video of the Sartorialist on his blog.

Not only is this short clip beautiful to watch, but it made me think about how complicated we sometimes make our efforts to live a creative life.

I love that his idea was simple and uncomplicated. He wasn’t trying to copy someone else’s creative life…instead he choose his own.

But as any “creative” will tell you, it’s hard (maybe impossible) to ever feel like it’s enough. There is always something more to say…and other ways to say it.

Questions I always have on my mind are, “How can I get this out?” “How can I satisfy this urge?”. I’m guessing those questions never go away.


2 thoughts on “Living A Creative Life

  1. Let me just tell, you & Chase Jarvis are seriously my idols. You photographed my aunt and uncles wedding, Marty and Kindra Adair(?), and ever since than I have been in love with your work. I am amazed at the pictures you take, and hope maybe one day i can be half as good…doubt it though :). Thanks for being such an inspiration. (p.s. in about 8 years you are so doing my wedding haha)


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