Europe – What We Ate

Let’s just say it how it is. The real reason to travel is to eat. Am I right, or am I right?


20 thoughts on “Europe – What We Ate

  1. Rachel- first let me say amazing photography! Second I (who has never really traveled) would love to know what all that stuff is- looks like you had an amazing trip, share some details, please?


  2. I haven’t envied/coveted more today than I just did. It’s not just the food, though, is it? Although, I have no doubt of it’s superb-ness. It’s the presentation. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Did you end up going to that street in Paris that I recommended? La rue des Petits Carreaux? I’m almost certain that one of the photos was taken there. The second one down, of the men on the patio. I believe it’s a restaurant called Au Rocher de Cancale? That’s our old neighborhood!


    1. Mary, It was your street!!! We purposely went there and I took a photo at the metro stop to send to you! I wish you could have been there with us.

      PS. when I reply to a comment does it email the person with my comment? Does it update everyone that made a comment? Or do you have to go to my blog and check the comments to see my response?


  4. Hi Rachel! Found your blog through Damian Dayton’s and now I can’t get enough! I love your positive outlook, writing style, and thoughtful and fun photos. I’m always really excited when I see you’ve posted something new. Thanks for sharing, and good luck when the baby comes — she’s bound to be beautiful!


  5. Rachel – I was just watching a video about chocolate souffle and throught about you (remember Dallas?)and decided to look at your website. I am so excited for you and Grant to have your little girl here. Loved your pictures of Belgian waffles and poffertjes and frites! Brought back great memories of a cold December in Holland with butter and sugar laden bites of heaven and hot chocolate to warm us up. Best of luck!


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