Rebecca + Derek’s Wedding

It has been torture waiting to share this wedding with you.

You can read about every detail here, that Rebecca shared for the Martha Stewart Wedding Feature…but I have a few things to say..

Most weddings are really fun for me and some are more fun than others. Truth. This one was more fun. Non stop action packed wedding day, from start to finish. Wedding ceremony at the LA Latter Day Saint Temple.. followed by a bike brigade taking over LA? Me shooting in the back of a mini van? A picnic in the park?  Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches? A walk through the botanical gardens at UCLA with toasts afterward? A mini golf course at the Stagecoach Inn Museum chronicling their relationship? Cookies in the shape of their heads?!! This wedding was bananas!

It feels so good to finally get all this out.

A big huge thanks to the ever so stylish and creative Rebecca and to Derek, the dashing fellow with the ear to ear grin that stole her heart.

This is one wedding day that will be hard to forget.


29 thoughts on “Rebecca + Derek’s Wedding

  1. they got personality! you can tell by all the images and its seems completely infectious!!!! one of the coolest i’ve ever seen. love all them images.


  2. I’m not kidding- when I saw that you were in Martha Stewart Weddings, I ran out to go look for a copy!
    This wedding was an inspiration, from top to bottom. Knowing R&D, their relationship is just as inspiring.


  3. I stumbled upon this through Erin Mitchell. You had the coolest wedding! You guys look like you are going to have the funnest marriage. Way to go!


  4. this photo album just made my day. the wedding is so untradtional, and amazing. truely inspiring to me to have my wedding like this almost down to the T. and to shoot like you. awesome awesome awesome awesome.


  5. this is way beyond super COOL!!! i love every photo, my favorite is the brides shoes and the yellow leaf. WOW these are so creative and I smiled until my face hurt looking at the photos. what a wonderful wedding and the bride and groom look so happy, really happy, not just fake grins to get through the ceremony. I LOVE IT. we also learned a lot about the couple, they love golf and bike riding and people and each other and like to have a good time. my second favorite is the groom with his feet up behind him.


  6. now THAT looks like a fun wedding! So creative and individual and just plain cool!
    Every photo is a display of the love shared between the bride and groom and the look on their faces is one of true happiness. I think it is phenomenal…


  7. Rachel…I was dying to see this one after you told me about it at the last wedding…and it did not disappoint! So fun! Love it all! All about a couple that can think outside the box and not be afraid to do something different. 🙂 Beautiful images too!


  8. OMG! What a tremendously fun wedding, I LOVE it when people do it ‘there way’ and I have often thought it would so great to get bridal parties doing something instead of just getting photos. The street is all the location you need, great images!


  9. oh wow. AMAZING wedding! and AMAZING photography – well done! So inspiring 🙂

    .. i’d probably need trainer-wheels on my bike tho haha


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