One Month

We survived..or shall I say you survived an entire month! I don’t think I’ve even had a plant live that long…

You are our big girl. Seems like you were born about 3yrs ago.

You can follow me back and forth with your eyes…which are looking more and more blue.

I try and keep you naked as much as possible. You’re welcome. Believe it or not, someday people are going to expect you to wear clothes.

Your night time sleeps are getting longer and longer. Two nights ago you slept for 6hrs strait!

I love wearing you in the wrap for one of your daily naps. You still fold up into fetal position. The other day this plus having a dance party blasting junior boys was the only thing that helped you fall asleep.

You are very predictable. You do the same stretch when you wake up, make the same frantic binky sucks when you are falling asleep and smile at the same sounds.

I am better at calming you down but Dad is better at lulling you into a deep sleep.

We have become feeding champs. Not much to think about anymore. We got it down.

Dad had a business trip in Las Vegas and I am starting to get stir crazy so we went with! Your first time in a hotel, your first ride in an elevator and your first dinner out to Benihanas.

Oh, and your first walk through a casino. I had you wrapped in about 20layers and was blocking all other airways with my hands. And then I scrubbed you down once we were back in our hotel room. You are just so perfect. I don’t want the dirty world messing you up.

You slept the whole 4hr ride there and the 4hr ride home! Thank you for that.

If you are really upset…having me hold you is sometimes the only thing that will calm you down. And you will go from scream to complete silence just staring at me like you have never been more content.

We thought you had grown out of NB size diapers but we were wrong. Size one’s are way too big.

My favorite times of the day are after naps when we sit face to face and just look at each other.

I rarely call you by your name. You just seem more than that. She, her, one, baby, the babies, pooks, nuggie, sweetsies, piglet. Dad likes to call you his “Nova Girl”. I like to call you mine.

(12 month of baby cards, gifted to me by my Heather..created by Blonde Designs).


10 thoughts on “One Month

  1. she’s the most darling thing. all that nakedness, my baby cannibalism is setting in. there is nothing i love more than nibbling naked baby limbs. nothing. except maybe nibbling chunky cheeks.


  2. Rachel, she is perfect, your words are perfect and I’m happy. Reading this made me happy and I wanted to cry…out of love of course. Don’t worry I cry at commercials lately. 🙂 Love you!


  3. this kind of makes me want a baby of my own.
    stop it. 🙂

    but seriously, she is precious. and you are a good momma. NO surprise.


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