Laura + Haoqi, Crystal Cove Engagements

The light was great, the couple was charming…but the real plus from this shoot was the fact we all came out alive. A real live bobcat walked within 5ft of us and we saw a decapitated head of a very large rodent AND a rattlesnake was nearby. It was us against wildlife. You can probably tell who won.

Their wedding is in San Diego this summer. Wildlife watch out!

(shot on 5D and Hasselblad)


4 thoughts on “Laura + Haoqi, Crystal Cove Engagements

  1. up until now i have only been silently reading your blog and enjoying your photos but i guess now it’s time to speak up 🙂 these photos are beautiful! the light is truly amazing and i’m glad you guys made it back safely! in case i should get married any time soon i might just have to fly you in … all the way to germany.

    also a thank you for sharing your birth story!



  2. Rachel — these photos are amazing!!! Laura looks absolutely darling and I love all her expressions that you capture in these shots. Thank you so much for an awesome time… can’t wait till the wedding!

    – Haoqi

    ps: I wish we have a photo of us looking away from the bobcat, but I think surviving is good enough for me.


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