Maui Babe

Our native Hawaiian princess

Papa gathering plumeria for his girls

Buttermilk banana pancakes with macadamian nuts and coconut syrup

Loco moco, fried rice and 2 eggs over medium (w/ hot sauce)

Road side grilled fish sandwich with pineapple!

Anything we put near our mouths you want in yours

Yes those are boy shorts, no we don’t care

You thought you liked it….

..but then you didn’t. I’m sure me smothering you with kisses totally helped.

Piggys on a sleeping babe

Thanks Harper for the swimsuit hand-me-down!!! We love it!

Your 1st Hawaii friend, Ella. Born 2 days after you.

If you haven’t noticed, we kiss her A LOT.

Jr. IP (island princess).

The view from our hotel room

The view from the hotel bed..

Can you guess which one we liked better?

Maui was great and we always love spending time in the islands…but this trip there was only one sight we cared much about.


10 thoughts on “Maui Babe

  1. A friend just sent a link to my wife and I as we are heading to Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai at the end of august with our three-month old. Awesome photos and a very cute little baby. Congratulations.


  2. Maui babe for sure! The swimsuit/boy shorts are killing me! Next time Maui with super nova, the major, & ms olive! & all those food shots are too tempting! Now I’m hungry!! Xo


  3. First and foremost, I am drooling over that little girlie in her “coconut cups!” đŸ˜€ Secondly, I am drooling over the buttermilk banana pancakes with macadamia nuts and coconut syrup. OMGoodness, Rachel…scrumptious babies, luscious food…you know how to kill me with your photos!


  4. ..the only thing that would have topped it all off, is if you had eaten homemade rolls every day. However Nova is an overly-qualified substitute. Xxxxx


  5. You rock bangs with the best of them- love. But really Nova in the coconut cups, boy shorts and sand covered feet? Ahhh, so cute. I sorta wouldn’t mind your traveling life!


  6. Your little girl is adorable and you look you were made to be a mother, you light up when you hold her. I love the boy shorts, where did you purchase those?


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