I Love My Mummy


We thought it was only fitting that Nova should be a mummy for Halloween since she slept swaddled for the first 8mos of her life. Big news around here is the swaddle is no longer!! It is kind of amazing. It is so weird to see her grow up. I looked at her face mid-day yesterday and I promise you she looked like a little girl..and not a baby. (She also has cut TWO teeth this week!!)

We are mad men over here prepping for our trip to Australia and New Zealand next week. Editing, emailing, culling, organizing, trying to figure out what a 15hr plane ride with a babe will be like..ordering film, trying to sleep…Sorry if I am a little quiet on the blog right now. It only means I am busy working on lots of new stuff to show you!!


One thought on “I Love My Mummy

  1. A traveling tip from my friend, the wife of a pilot: Wrap up little items from around the house in gift wrap (little plastic bottles-like for eyedrops or tic tacs, toothbrush, squeeze ball, favorite stuffed animal, Pez dispenser, and treats like fruit rolls, etc.) and then on the plane help them unwrap each little present. The unwrapping and the “ooh, I wonder what it is?” and all helps to prolong the excitement of the “new” toy a bit longer. It was a brilliant idea and definitely worked for us.

    I also made a list of all the songs and word plays I knew by heart so that I could just look at the list instead of trying to remember them when I was frustrated on the trip. That really helped. And new books! We brought new books that he hadn’t seen before and a few old favorites. A portable dvd player with a new baby video may not be a bad idea, just this once. 🙂

    Another thing that helped was making sure Clark was hungry at take off and landing…sucking helps their ears to pop during the altitude changes. So, I withheld drinks appropriately so he’d really be ready to drink at those times.

    Good luck!


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