Featured on Apartment Therapy!!


Eeeekk!! Apartment Therapy is featuring our home today!!! Amazeballs!!

Our home and my photos on such an inspiring site is really making me blush.

Thanks to Bethany from Apartment Therapy for making it happen.

Go HERE to see all the photos and read my my little interview.



4 thoughts on “Featured on Apartment Therapy!!

  1. just went through every single photo and i love…it was captured so well and i love all the family photos you’ve added to the space. really warms it up. i can attest to good parties and not wanting to leave! xo


  2. Your home is beautiful! I love your style.

    Your desk/task chair is a chair I use to work in at an old job for an interior design firm. I never thought I could covet an object…but I looove that chair and miss it so much. I now know how much a good task chair can do for you while working. Especially after using the best task chair ever. Sigh. I’m jealous. haha! 🙂

    Congrats on the feature.


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