Whitney + Nick’s New Orleans Wedding

This was my first time to New Orleans and my first time staying in the French Quarter. Can I just say…LOVE? Oak Trees became my new favorite. My obsession with graveyards was taken to a whole new level. The people were lovely and kind. Character and storytelling was everywhere…and the food. Oh my. The food.

On top of all of that, there was this magnificent couple who loved that city so much they planned a destination wedding..so they could be in their favorite city with their favorite people. And I was the lucky photographer who got to document the whole she-bang.

I know for some locals it might be totally cliche..but during the 2nd line (where you march through the streets of the French Quarter after the ceremony), I turned to Whitney and yelled (because it was so loud), “This is one of the best moments I have ever photographed at a wedding”. I was so in the moment. The music, the energy, the laughing and dancing and the HAPPINESS. It was infectious.

A huge thank you to Nick and Whitney for trusting me with this day. Now lets plan a yearly renewal of vows so there are plenty of reasons to go back again and again and eat to our hearts content.


17 thoughts on “Whitney + Nick’s New Orleans Wedding

  1. YES! FINALLY!! WHOOP, WHOOP! I have been (not so) patiently waiting for this post. =) I spend a few weeks in NOLA 2 summers ago with Habitat for Humanity and ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE! I agree 150% with what you said about it. It’s amazing.. simply put. AND on top of that your photos are amazing. Fantastic.. the whole post. Thanks, Rachel!!! YOU ROCK! =)


  2. um….I pretty much had a jaw drop moment of the shot in b/w all dark except for the light on the couple. There is all this color and so many things to look at in each shot and then BAM! You throw in a curve ball of AAAAAAAA-MAZING! But of course, you are just an amazing photographer. Gorgeous wedding.


  3. holy wow. that wedding march in the new orleans streets is a stunning moment, visually and emotionally, and captured so perfectly. you so artfully, astutely, and stylishly create a world that this couple and their family can inhabit fully, in which they can be the stars, and still leave your lovely mark.

    three generations of beautiful likeness, the couple in their own spotlight…such fantastic photography.


  4. Rachel, I’m speechless. This wedding is so so so beautiful. It’s as if every picture is a surprise… an unexpected surprise… I’m not sure I know how to describe the feelings it evokes. Just incredibly stunning, the pictures, and this family…


  5. Oh I love all the photos. What a great destination weeding – so fun to have it in New Orleans!

    I also especially loved the purple dress one of the moms had on. So stylish!


  6. amazing photos, Rachel! I love that city so much…and isn’t a second line at a wedding the best.thing.ever? We went to one in June and it definitely stands out as a “best of” life memory.


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