Milk Party for Nova’s 1st Birthday!!

Can you guys believe I have a 1yr old?!

Her party was so much fun. I was milk themed…so of course it was fun.

I knew being a mom was going to be my first priority so I had to put my “photographer” on the back burner…knowing this I thought it would be a fun idea to set up a ‘Milk Moustache Photobooth” and let Nova’s friends and family don their own milky faces. We let the guests do all the work.

Here are a few other shots of the party we snagged:

She looks 20.

I made these stickers and had them printed at zazzle. Everyone showed their respect to the Leader of The Milk Eaters by wearing them proudly.

We churned up some homemade ice cream. Vanilla, strawberry, kumquat sorbet and avocado (not shown…still being made). Made most of it the day before with a $30 ice cream machine we bought off amazon. We did think about sneaking some of her favorite “milk” into one of the batches..but didn’t want to waste it on the undeserving.

Lots of balloons

Lots of babies

Mom coming in for a mid party smooch…and Nova giving some love to her midwife Molly. We LOVE Molly!

I made BW cookies…that ended up being a little mis-shapen but still delicious. Chocolate chip cookies not shown.

Sugar free cake..but all she wanted to eat was the sprinkles that DID have sugar in them.

This was the cute little face she made when everyone was singing her happy birthday. Gosh, I love her.

She was gifted loads of cute clothes and toys. So loved.

My sweet birthday girl. It was a big day but a great one. In defense of the bags under her eyes…she turned 1 with a cold she had already been dealing with for a week. My poor nu nus. Even when she doesn’t feel well, she smiles…and drinks milk.

1 year post coming up. I have been dragging my feet to do it.

I think I am in denial.




12 thoughts on “Milk Party for Nova’s 1st Birthday!!

  1. I love these pictures. Happy Birthday Nova! The photobooth was amazing. I would love to know how you set that up and had such great settings for each photo? Just give people the right to push the button??

    I love the photos of you and Grant together. You probably don’t get those often.

    ps. your eyes are striking!


  2. I never stop dying over your photos. And your little nova all dressed and headbanded and teethed… she looks SO big. So darling. if you have time to share, did you use some kind of flash or off camera lighting for the booth? SO so rad.


  3. dying! no words for the leader of the milk eaters! the party was perfection, and she has one crazy talented mama! wish we were closer:( and wish we were friends 😦 oh well at least we have the internets!


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