The Wise Family

Being around this family makes you think to yourself, “I want to have a lot of kids and a lot of grandkids”.

It’s loud. It’s crazy. It’s happy. It’s perfect.

You should see the the clown I become when trying to get faces and smiles…especially in the large group shot. But it worked! All of those munchkins eyes are on me. With these ages I consider that a small miracle.

Thanks and love to the Wise family for having me document such a great time period in their lives. My Grandparents had a photo of us grandkids similar to the last one I shared…and it really is one of my favorite shots of me and my cousins. xxoo.


7 thoughts on “The Wise Family

  1. Rachel–you are a miracle worker! I walked away from that shoot thinking there is no way we got a picture out of that–my kids were so nuts. But you are right–it’s loud, it’s crazy–but it IS happy. Much thanks!


  2. AWESOME!!! You captured all the fun and craziness of this humungous family. But could you please have your hubby post some behind the scenes shots of your clown faces? Pretty please 🙂


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