Penelope + Her Family

Does anybody spy a 2yr old?…..

This post really is about sweet lil Penny joining this family…but her older brother, with all his squirmming and unpredicitabilty sure did make it hard to look the other way. I shot Houston’s newborn photos 2 short years ago and I love how different his shoot was from this one. A sibling changes everything…and these photos are proof.

It isn’t just about one anymore, it becomes about everyone. All of the inter-relationships. All of the differences. All of the similarities.

What I can tell you is this little girl is loved. A lot. She is so blessed to have joined these three in their quest to help eachother live their fullest lives possible. Now they all have each other and what is better than having someone?!!! Or multiple “someones”? Nothing. I am here to tell you from expierence…NOTHING.

Grab your “someones” tight and wish Miss P a delightful journey on planet Earth.


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