The Bender Family

You have seen them on my blog before and you will probably see them again…my photogenic friends.

When they asked if I would fly up to Sacramento and spend the day photographing their family (complete with new baby girl) I said YES.

Since I was there the whole day I had time to do something I hardly every get to do, hold the newborn. I got to hold her on numerous occasions and as long as I liked. It was heaven.

Have you all been to Sacramento? It was my first time and I was really blown away with how pretty it was. So much green and open space and trees and OAK TREES and wild turkeys and rolling hills. The Benders have redwoods in their backyard. Not bad, not bad at all.

They just bought a home and are renovating but hopefully I will have occasion to photograph more details of their space in the future. Julia is a fantastic decorator. She always finds the best treasures. I guess when you are part photographer/graphic designer/treasure are bound to have a cool house.

Loved the day. Thank you for having me. I miss those kiddos already.


14 thoughts on “The Bender Family

  1. I’ve been waiting to see these! What a gorgeous gorgeous family and as always, perfectly captured by you. I think I need a playdate in that teepee….x


  2. I love the Benders! These photos are so beautiful! I have several favorites. Great job as usual, Rachel! Also, it’s so fun to get a peek into their new home! I love Julia’s style too.


  3. Bless you for only posting the most flattering photos! You captured the essence of our family once again and we can’t wait to have you all to ourselves for a day again soon, though I wouldn’t mind a little grant and novs. I can’t even believe we had a paint and tile crew over the day of your shoot, and you made them all disappear. These are perfection. Love film. Love you!


  4. I am so glad everyone loves this family as much as I do. Julia, I got your back! I always try to post the most flattering shots of everyone…thank you for noticing! (not that there was any unflattering shots of you…how are you SO photogenic?) So glad you love them!!


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