Eva + Aaron’s Wedding- Newport Beach, CA

Eva and Aaron were one of those couples that are so laid back and easy to please that I kind of found myself forgetting that I was “on the job”. I was just hanging out, taking fun photos and swapping jokes. Not a bad way to spend a sunshiney Saturday.

In case you were wondering they had chocolate ganache cake and cartons of milk to wash it down. AND they had Cafe Rio cater. So awesome.

I also think it’s worth noting that Eva and I have a fun connection. Our families were friends when we lived in Alaska. Crazy to be around people that knew you and remember you from the first 5yrs of your life.

Great, great wedding. More coming in the very near future (Shooting a destination wedding in Maui in a couple weeks!!)


4 thoughts on “Eva + Aaron’s Wedding- Newport Beach, CA

  1. So many great moments captured, just beautiful! And, this makes me want Cafe Rio right now too, Yum! Looks like fun:)


  2. Hey! I know Aaron! I have the funniest memory of him swinging wildly at a piñata we hung from a tiny tree right next to a busy street next to BYU campus. Congrats Eva and Aaron! From what I know of Aaron, your lives will be lots of fun!


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