Published in Wayfare Magazine!

Remember when we took that roadtrip in New Zealand? Wayfare Magazine shared our adventure in their summer issue! You can see the goodness here.

I shot all of the images shared in the issue with my contax 645 and kodax ektar 100.

I have been dying to share these images with you and now I finally can. Look for more New Zealand posts coming up.

Big thanks to Wayfare Magazine for sharing my images and words. I was so in love with their pilot issue…it is such an honor to have worked with them and be featured along side so many other talented photographers and writers.

Can you tell I’m excited?!


10 thoughts on “Published in Wayfare Magazine!

  1. LOVE!! I road tripped NZ a few years ago myself. SO beautiful. The beauty you and Grant are able to capture of your family are true treasures.


  2. Yay!!!! I loved hearing that you got on this! It is amazing Rachel. Loved everything about it. Now I just wish I could have experienced it with you guys! xo


  3. i loved this loved this LOVED it. so inspiring. so natural. so beautiful. so true–experiencing and traveling this world and life with our loved ones {no matter how little} is so worth it.

    loved your words, your images, your family… i have such a soft spot for this little family… i hope i can see you guys again sooner than later! with the whole clan this time : )))))


  4. just incredible. what a beautiful spread. your little family should just travel the world, documenting along the way, and selling it to magazines to inspire other young hip families. xo


  5. Stunnimg images as always and such special words. I love how positive you were about traveling with a child, so many are quick to tell you how difficult it will be but I feel inspired now to hit the road with my babe! x


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