Becca + JR’s Wedding- San Diego, CA


I have known Becca since she was 12yrs old. Yes, she has always been this adorable and charming. She even has this raspy voice that most of us don’t get unless we have a serious sore throat. Some things in life are just not fair.

One thing is fair….Becca finding JR. What an incredible guy! So thoughtful and easy going. Can you even imagine the kid cuteness that might come from these two?

It was a wedding day full of sweet light, color and love. I loved photographing all the goodness.


Flowers- Twigg Botanicals (umm, gorgeous)

Cake- Flour & Flower Designs

Dress- Handmade by Thanh Dao

Makeup- Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

DJ- National Geographic (amazing taste in music)

Ceremony- San Diego LDS Temple

Reception- Her parents backyard



5 thoughts on “Becca + JR’s Wedding- San Diego, CA

  1. The black and whites are so beautiful. I love that you captured those breathtaking floral arrangements so well. They deserved every picture you took of them.


  2. Your pictures are wonderful!! So creative. I am looking for a wedding dress like hers. Do you have any contact information for Thanh Dao? Google search didn’t pull anything.


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