Bonnie + Drew’s Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

They had their wedding ceremony at the Los Angeles LDS Temple and then a beautiful backyard reception.

The sun was a shining, the flowers were bright and the people were happy…but the best part was the hospital stop on our way to the reception.

Mehgan was one of Bonnie’s bridesmaids but since she was battling cancer couldn’t make it to the festivities. We stopped by for hugs and a few photos. A few weeks after the wedding she passed away. Makes celebrating and remembering days like this that much more important.

Life can be short and taking a leap of faith, like getting married, to me shows so much courage. “Lets live what life we have left, together”. It is so amazing to see the commitment these couples I am photographing are making, deciding to devote a big peice of their lives to each other. Marriage is a sacrifice…and worth it.

Congratulations to sweet Bonnie and Drew. Life will be good to you. Thank you for letting me document some of the beginnings…with many more to come.


8 thoughts on “Bonnie + Drew’s Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

  1. Rachel,
    That was beautifully said. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for how beautifully you captured Bonnie and Drew’s day. Stunning pictures. 🙂


  2. Wow. This posting was particularly touching. Thanks Allison, for sharing the link to Mehgan’s essay. It was beautiful and inspiring. I don’t know Mehgan personally, but I thank God for the life that she lived.
    As for Bonnie & Drew, I admire you for taking the time on your wedding day to visit your friend, Mehgan. Its actions like that that show how selfless and loving you truly are. I wish you both all the joy in the world. =)


  3. I just wanted to write and tell you that I have been following your blog for over a year now. You are my favorite photographer out there! I’ve been doing photography for, what? 12 years now? Started back with film in the dark room. Yet I am no where near to your talent! (I don’t even advertise or anything- just mainly do photos for family and friends and myself. Besides, I live in Utah where everyone is/thinks they are photographers!) I wish I could BE you. Your whole life is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for all you share!


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