The Smith Family

I have really fantastic friends. The kind of friends you want to live next door to and give custody to your kids if you ever die. I am talking quality *quality* people.

The Smith’s are some of our very best friends. I was friends with them in NYC. Grant knew Matt from college. Grant and I met at their wedding. Then we proceeded to try and spend as much time with them as possible (which is tricky since they live in Oklahoma). They made two of the worlds most adorable kids who I can’t really get enough of.

I just love them so much.



7 thoughts on “The Smith Family

  1. I want to have custody of their kids. Wow, they are really beautiful. I love this family!!! Let’s all go live on a compound together and garden.


  2. You really capture the best in people, every time. You’re the coolest.
    Heather, you are a total knockout in these photos. Matty=handsome. The kiddos are beautiful.
    Nicely done from front to back, everyone.


  3. Those kids are adorable and I love the one of them sitting together on the ground in the middle of the grass. How darling. These will be cherished pictures for their family for sure! And I love that they live in Oklahoma, where I am from.


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