Kate’s Birth

She came in the middle of the night. Swinging down from the stars like so many babies do.

Her mama was ready and proved it by bringing me to tears. She spoke with a light southern accent and wept when she finally had sweet kate in her arms.

I am convinced there is nothing more attractive than a partner supporting a birthing mother. Especially when the birthing mother is delivering natural, with just her body and her mind. He supported and loved and never left her side. He did everything he could to be there with her. Once his baby girl was born one of the first things he did was touch her skin and rub some of the vernix on his crows feet. I mean, come on. I was in love.

And so was that family with each other. Three brothers and their baby sister.

When you are invited (paid even!) to witness a baby entering the world, you know life is pretty great. I feel lucky. So so lucky.

(midwife to star swinging babies: Lindsey Meehleis from OC Midwifery. She delivered Fairbanks and I adore her)


7 thoughts on “Kate’s Birth

  1. Oh, Rachel, I love your photography! I love the subjects you choose (and who choose you) and the way you write about them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and these perfect moments. I have no words, so I think I’m going to look over the photos again. The emotions are so clear and sweet.
    Happy Friday!


  2. Ahh the tears are inevitable. This time they came with the shot of all the boys gathered around the pool. Beautiful family and beautiful job recording these moments.


  3. Mum. A little note to just you you look amazing and your face when you meet your baby for the first time is beautifull thank you for sharing this for all of us to see.i am a birth coach too and every time the emotions always take over,such a wonderful experience and complete privilege when you are asked to share these moments – Deearna


  4. What a lovely pictorial of the celebration of birth and welcoming a new family member! Thanks to my lovely gorgeous client preparing to birth providing this link! (Thanks Niño)
    Helen (Adelaide Doula)
    Belly Birth & Beyond ::: Doula Services :::


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